4. What if I have a question during the event?

The Panic en la Playa Guest Relations team will be available from 10am to 8pm on check-in day in the Convention Center and from 10am to 5pm in each lobby during the event. If you have a question during off hours, just look for a Safety Team member & they… Read More

6. Is the water safe to drink?

All water served in the restaurants, buffet, and bars is bottled and all ice is made from an in-house filtration system. There will also be a supply of water in your room when you arrive. The water in your bathroom is fine to shower and brush your teeth but we… Read More

10. Where can I keep my valuables?

Every room has an electronic safe. We strongly suggest placing your passport, wallet, cash, and all other valuables inside as soon as you arrive. Panic en la Playa is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Read More