Wilco's Sky Blue Sky | January 18-22, 2020 |


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

27. What if I can no longer attend Sky Blue Sky?

26. Are reservations transferable or can I change my guest?

25. How do I update the card on file for my payments?

24. How do I make a payment?

23. Can I still participate in automatic billing if I don’t have a Credit Card?

22. Does Sky Blue Sky automatically charge my credit card on the payment dates?

21. What payment methods are accepted?

20. Where do I notate my special dietary needs?

19. Can I make a room location request?

18. Does the Hard Rock offer wheelchairs or scooters?

17. Are there any ADA accessible suites at Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky?

16. Can I increase the occupancy of my room after booking?

15. Does my Concert Courtyard Suite guarantee a view of the stage?

14. The room type I wanted is unavailable…

13. Am I able to change my room type?

12. Are there any additional fees?

11. I have a friend on another reservation and we both want to do the extra night.

10. What if my roommate doesn’t want to stay the extra night?

9. What’s the benefit of purchasing my extra night through Sky Blue Sky?

8. How do I book pre & post nights?

7. When should I add my extra nights?

6. Can I add extra nights to my reservation?

5. Can I bring my kids?

4. I am traveling alone, are there any single occupancy rates available?

3. How do I book a room?

2. When can I make my reservation?

1. What is a Cloud 9 Account & why do I need one?

11. What is a Carbon Offset?

10. How can I participate with Positive Legacy?

9. Will there be off-site excursions I can book?

8. Will there be Sky Blue Sky event merchandise?

7. When will the theme night be announced?

6. How do I sign up for the activities?

5. Will there be any daytime activities?

4. I’m staying in the area during your event. Can I buy a day pass to the shows?

3. When will the music schedule be released?

2. What dates will the bands be performing?

1. Where will music be taking place?

22. Can I use the equipment I bring for Woodward to cruise around the resort?

21. What is Woodward Riviera Maya and can I bring my own equipment?

20. If I am bringing my children, will our family have access to the restaurants and activities on the Heaven side of the resort?

19. Are there any gift shops on the premises?

18. How does Sky Blue Sky help make sure I’m safe while at the event?

17. Are there any medical facilities at the resort?

16. How much do I tip?

15. Is there a dress code during the event?

14. How do I make a spa reservation?

13. How many resort credits do I receive?

12. What are some amenities the resort offers?

11. What in-room amenities are available?

10. Will vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options be available?

9. Is room service available?

8. Are food and beverages included? How many meals a day?

7. Where can I keep my valuables?

6. Can we exchange currency at the resort?

5. Is there an ATM at the resort?

4. What is the currency in Mexico?

3. Is the water safe to drink?

2. Members of my party are arriving later than me, how can they check in?

1. When do we check in and check out?

20. How would I be able to contact family or friends back home?

19. If I do a name change, does my insurance policy transfer to the new guest?

18. If I have full financial responsibility, does my insurance policy cover the entire cost of the reservation?

17. What is Travel Insurance and why is it beneficial?

16. Should I be worried about Zika?

15. Can I bring my camera?

14. What should I NOT pack?

13. What should I pack?

12. Can I meet the airport shuttle if I am staying in the area before the event?

11. Does the event transportation run on the pre and post nights?

10. My flight is delayed, what do I do?

9. How do I find the event transportation once I am at the airport?

8. How do I add my flight information?

7. Are there accessible shuttles available?

6. How do I get to and from the Cancun airport?

5. Is airfare included?

4. How far is Hard Rock Riviera Maya from the Cancun International Airport?

3. What if I misplace my exit card issued at immigration?

2. What airport should I fly into?

1. What travel documents do I need?

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